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Here you will find plenty of travel resources for budget backpackers, hitchhikers, adventurers or somebody who wants to scape the usual locations and means of transport.

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Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection  is a huge library of maps. Maps from all over the world, road maps, historical maps, physical maps, political… everything.


Fly Lowcost Airlines is a low cost airlines search engine. I recommend you to search for the airport you want to go, and see which airlines are flying there.

Sleeping in Airports is a web site where you can look for the conditions of many airports if you are forced to sleep there. Then, some reviews are good enough while some others are far from the reality.


In Wereldreis you can find a very good list of ferries and ferry companys operating all over the globe. An awesome resource for travelers! is a portal linking all the ferry companies in Europe. Awesome resource for those who doesn’t like planes.

Work abroad

We have an excellent oportunity which will let you work anywhere in the world! Check it at our work page.

In Transitions Abroad you can find some interesting links to organizations offering travel and adventure jobs.

Multilingual Vacancies is a good place to make your language skills give you a payback in cash. Jobs mostly in UK, but also worldwide.

Easyexpat is a website sharing tips, resources and job offers for those who want to become expats. Look at expats blogs at Blogexpat.

One world 365 have a good directory of seasonal jobs.

Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB) is a bulletin board full of job vacancies posted by employers

In Goabroad you’ll find opportunities for study, teach and work in a lot of countries all over the world.

Volunteer programs

One world 365 aslo have a directory of volunteer programs. Just choose your favorite!

Barefoot Altas has a stock of volunteer travel guides

Independent travel magazines

Vagabundo Magazine

Travel Culture Magazine

Independent Traveler

Casa Batlló by Gaudí in Barcelona

Casa Batlló by Gaudí in Barcelona

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