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If we should present us, we would say that we are just simple travelers and simple people. We saw, we thought, and we decided to share what we learned; what was new for us and can be useful for you.

In the beggining, leaving home was not an easy task. Then, it became an addiction. Crossing countries, getting visas, giving thanks and having some respect… Nobody said that would be easy, but almost everyone can realize how fun it is.

Here you can see the countries visited among us:

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Visited 52 countries


This is me


Oriol Ràfols, form Catalonia (Spain) and 30 years old, is the founder and webmaster of 210countries. From his travels come many of the stories related in this website. Always searching for maps, making plans and looking for means of transport for going “from here to there”, he hopes he can write many articles more for share with you. He also writes at CataloniaTravel Guide.

This website is looking for travelers who want to write about other countries, help to update the information showed or correct something that may be wrong. If you are interested, send an email to info@210countries.com or use our contact form. Thanks!

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