10 Hardest Language

Learning a different language is a very good exercise for the brain. If you want your brain to stay in good shape then you can now begin to learn a language. In this page let us see the ten hardest languages around the world provided it is not your native language.

Mandarin. This language is part of the language that is spoken in China. Even if the language of Mandarin is the first most spoken language in the world based on the number of the speakers but it is one of the hardest languages to learn.

The selection of the languages is that they are the most difficult for the English speakers to learn and are not easy to translate.

The second language is Arabic. Even if it is one description of the language but it differs also in the countries they are located. That is why it is not easy to be translated. It is more difficult because of the letters that change in meaning when placed in a different location.

Japanese. If you want to learn and able to translate it, you have to learn first many things. But one of the cons is it is easier to speak than Mandarin.

Hungarian. This language has some challenges when it comes to grammar.

Korean. This language is described as one of the most languages that are unique. That is because of the arrangement of the words that when you translate in plainly the meaning is not the same. Finnish, Basque, Navajo, Icelandic, and Polish is the languages that complete the list.